Friday, October 14, 2011

Narrative Report During the Nutrition Month Celebration

The Maigo National high School, as spearheaded by Mr. Rodulfo C. Villarosa has celebrated the Nutrition Month. Right attitude toward food choices, and good eating habits imparted to students by the T.L.E. teachers and the MAPE teachers.
Supplementary feeding program were being conducted as the school nurse Mrs. Rosie Alcesto threshed – out those who were severely underweight and underweight student from the first year to the fourth year level. During the first week of July, the recipient for the program is first year students. Second week, the second year followed by the third year and fourth year. The school served the heavy lunch with MMK as (Malunggay, Monggo and kalabasa).main ingredient mixed ground beef.
Three o’clock in the afternoon of July 29 was the culmination and awarding program. Several activities and competition were dovetailed and fast tracked. Cooking contest were done at lunch time, poster making were at class hours. Parlor games, trivia quiz were inserted in the culmination program.
The celebration had successfully culminated and was enthusiastically enjoined. Students cleaned and cleared the mess for the next week’s scholastic activities.


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